NFC Trusted IOT

WISeKey deploys large scale IoT digital identities for watches and wearables using its Cryptographic Root of Trust and NFCTrusted© technology. The Trusted Near Field Communications (NFC), which hardens the trust technology within NFC; is poised to explode over the next five years, with the NFC-enabled wearable connected devices, smart watches and smart phones poised for us in payments and secure transactions. This rapid growth is driving a shift from traditional mobile payments to connected wearable device secure transactions such as access control and payments requiring trusted communications and authentication services.

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Secure Payments

Store your credit cards in your secure volt and make instant payments.

Secure objects

NFC Trusted Tags can be embedded in virtually any product and users can verify authenticity with an NFC-enabled smart phone, watch, connected device or mobile device.

Secure vault

Store all of personal data, passwords, credit cards quickly and securely on your own devices. Discover more about our evault.

Secure Storage

Your data is kept secured in a highly protected data centre located in Swiss bunkers.

Secure Identity

For customers that intend to use many digital eIDs for financial transactions, securing email, authentication to web sites and other purposes, the CertifyID BlackBox product.

Secure clouds

Get your personal documents protected by keeping a copy safely online, in Dropbox or in the cloud.